Always remember, lad, the land that was buried will return. It wants to be found.


In the past few years things have changed. More often and closer to the village have the beasties be seen causing trouble. The ratcatchers have been strolling through in larger numbers, too, as if drawn to troubles and in turn only making it worse. Rumor has it that two Shig Geur, the mountain rangers, have been seen near the village where a person would be lucky to see one in a lifetime.

The people of Moss-en-weald know that the Fell will protect them. From the days of legend it always has. As the autumn draws dark, even that faith is tested. The Western Capital of the Republic never had much say in these lands, and the power of Ostmark is still finding its feet this far from its core of Brück (-Anders Egel) and their ranging Reeves and Marshals cannot be everywhere. Why are you here in these times when the sun is fading?

The ground itself roils and as a great beast it turns in its slumber.

Adhlactha Draiocht Fell

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