Cosmology of the World-That-Is

The World-That-Is is suspended and slowly turning between two nearly impenetrable barriers. One, the Azure Moat, shields the World from the pure radiance of the Summerlands and their Loa. The other, the Veil of Stars, keeps a glimmer in the Great Night of the Void and the Elders.

Above the mortal world, beyond the Azure Moat, is the plane known as the Summerlands from which the Loa, or True Elves hail. Below and beyond the Veil of Stars is the Void, from which the Elder creatures came.

Cordoned between the barriers along with the Mortal World and its ethereal echo are the Astral spaces that frame the material world and keep it in motion and the Dreamlands where the mind forms take shape and reality frays.


Cosmology of the World-That-Is

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