Suits of the Summer

True Elves were and are the planes walkers from the Summerlands. In the World-That-Was, they were the embodiment of the Summer Immortals and Loa Spirits manifest in the mortal world. Avatars of Radiant Gods. In the mortal world, Elves are constructs. In the World-That-Is, the connection to the Summerlands has been severed, greatly reducing their power, but not eliminating it. They are virtually immortal and steeped in arcana lending them both power and resistance.

  • Grey elves are the True Elves from before the barriers. They crossed into the World-That-Was and have survived to today in dwindling numbers.
  • When the elves found their brethren would no longer be arriving and they could not depart, they set about creating more of their kind from the native elements resulting in the High Elves.
  • More common as time passes, the High Elves turn from the civilization of those called Grey or High and embrace the World-That-Is. In this, they become the Wood Elves.
  • Over the eons some elves, of any kind, fall to the corruption and control of the Void. Such abominations are anathema to all of Celestial roots and branded as Dark elves.
  • Lesser Elves, or Half-Elves, occur with tremendous rarity. In their creation something went terribly wrong leaving them scarred and broken.



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